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The Le Jardinier brand and concept originated in New York.

Developed and led by Alain Verzeroli, Le Jardinier concept celebrates the stories that lie in each ingredient, combining imaginative creativity with French culinary technique. Like us, food has a story to tell and we are here to unlock and share that story. To do so, we operate in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

In French, “le jardinier” (pronounced jahr-din-iay) means “the gardener.” We are inspired by seasonal vegetables, each at the peak of its potential and ready for the next chapter of its story. We are driven by our rigorous French culinary techniques to transform each ingredient into a culinary dish that inspires awe —while letting its true virtue shine through. Nature’s culinary possibilities are boundless. We are here to discover those possibilities and share them with others. From our delicate gluten-free breads to our perfectly prepared desserts, our menu offers a balanced abundance of color, aroma, texture and flavor.

We actively pursue a life well lived. We believe in the power of harmonious well-being: of mind, body, and spirit joining together to elevate the everyday and lay the foundation for our future selves.

Dining at Le Jardinier is more than dining. It is experiencing food that elevates your entire being.

The Le Jardinier brand and concept originated in New York and currently has locations in New York, Miami and Houston.